The Plain Dealer from Cleveland, Ohio (2024)

A 1 Part Four 3 CL CLEVELAND ND PLAIN DEALER. Real Want Aids Estate, Building at' her late residence, 1449 E. 66th-st. Funeral Monday, Feb. 22, brief services at residence at 1:30 p.

final services at German Evangelical church, corner Bridgeav and W. 38th-st, at 2:30 p. m. Burial at Riverside cemetery. urday, months.

Feb. 20, 8:30 pA age 80 years 9 passed away SatFuneral Tuesdav. Feb. 23. 2:00 p.

from late residence, 2375 F. 85th-st. KROMER-Mrs. Frank daughter of William and Harriet Mortimer, Feb. 19, 5:30 a.

m. Funeral services at 1827 W. 47th-at, Monday, 2 p. 10,: Burial at Riverside cemetery. KRONFUSZ-Mrs.

beloved wife of George Kronfusz, died at 9' a. m. Saturday, Feb. 20, 1915, at her home. 3976 W.

49th-st, ago G8 years. Mother of beloved Mra. J. F. Grotzinger.

Tuesday at" 2. p. LOYER-Delphina, aged 4, beloved wife of Alfred Toyer. at 11:20 Friday, at residence, 1669 E. church at 0 Burial Calvary Funeral from.

Imniaculate Conception cemetery'. McCORMICK heloved wife of William McCormick, 10705 Gooding-av, passed away Friday n. age 86 years. Funeral from St. Aloyalus church Monday, l'eb, 22, at 0 a.

m. Interment at Calvary cemetery. Please omit flowers. McINTYRE-Ola Grace De Muth, wife of William McIntyre, at Chadron, Feb 19. Notice of funeral later.

MIDDAUGH-Elizabeth. wife of L. J. Middaugh. formerly of Cleveland.

at her home, 3700 Roberts-av, Kansas City, Sunday, Feb. 14. 1915. Burial at Kansas -MILLER. Lula wife of C.

Miller, years. Funeral Monday, Feb, at 2:30 p. from late residence. 660 Parkwood drive. (Baltimore papers please copy.) NOONAN- died Feb.

19, at her home, Berea at, Berea. o. Funeral Tuesday at St. Mary's church, Berea, at 8:30 a. O'SHEA-Vincent beloved son of Mr.

and Mra. John O'Shea at the home of his parents, 1533 E. 27th-st. Friday evening, age 24 years. kille's Funeral church.

Tuesday, 8:30 a. St. ColumbPETERS Elizabeth. beloved mother George. Henry and Peters, aged 7 muonths, died suddenly, Friday, Feb.

10. Funeral Monday, Feb. 22. at 2 p. at late residence, 2615 W.

and at 2:30 p. m. from Evangelical church, corner Seymour and Scranton-rd. Friends invited. ROSENBLATT-Mrs.

Leah. away at 1:15 a. Saturday at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. L. Friedlander, 2433 E.

Funeral Sunday, 2 p. Fir Street cemetery. SCOTT---Mrs. Annie Feb. 19, at her residence, 7201 Dellenbaugh-av.

Funeral Monday, at 2 o'clock, from her late residence. -Susan, wife of "Gordon Gray, at residence, 6600 Quincy-av. Friday, Feb. 18. Funeral Monday Feb.

22, 1915 at 3 p. m. Burial private. SHEPHARD-Albert of Maydeld. father of P.

A. Shephard, passed a away at Charity hospital, Friday; Feb. 19, 1n his 74th year. Funeral from Orangehill church, Tuesday, 1 p. sun time.

SMITH--Mire Bertha at her residence, 2305 E. 85th-el. Feb. after short ness. Funeral Monday, Feb.

22, at 2 p. froin Woodland Avenue Presbyterian church. Burial at Lakevlew. STAFFELD-John, died at the home of his son, Fred Staffeld, Bainbridge, 0., formerly of South Euclid, 0. Funeral at the German Lutheran church, South Euclid, Sunday at.

2 p. eastern time. SWANDA-Frank, husband of Anna Swanda. Feb. 19.

Funeral Monday, 2 p. 0017 Folsom-av. Interment Woodland cemetery. THIEMER-Ernat. aged 79 years 10 months, died Feb.

19 at bis residence, 1512 E. Soth-9t. Funeral Feb. 2, 2' p. at Schifflein Christi church.

eor. Superior and E. 17th-st. Burial lakeview cemetery. CHLE-Ernest, "of pneumonia, aged 75 years, at his residence, 9808 Pfell-av.

Notice of funeral later. Bellefontaine papers please copy. WALKER- Joseph beloved father Harry, Eugene and Mrs. Paul A. Gross, Feb.

18. at 8:50 p. Lakeside hospital. Funeral from $113 Cory-av. Services at 6:30 a.

St. Agnes' church. WARNER--Colonel Elmer 3325 Carnegie-av, civil war veteran, 71 years old; belonged to Brooklyn post. announcement later. WILLS -Phoebe, widow of the late Robert Wills, at her residence, 4028 Riverside-av.

Funeral Monday, Fed, 22, at 3 p. Ms eastern time. Burial private. WOOLEY--Elva passed away Friday morning. 5:80, Feb.

19, 1915. Funeral services at the realdence of her trother, Mr. J. 3. Wooley.

23 Maple-st. Shagrin Falle. 0., on Sunday, Feb, 21, at 1:30 p. m. FUNERAL DIRECTORS.

FUNERALS complete, $75 UP; shipping fuperals 830 UP: cloth-wov. caskets $30 UP. The Mulholland Undertaking Co. East 823. 3531 Prospect.

Central 234. DIED. BLOOD- Lucy st Glenville hospital, 2:45 a. m. Saturday.

Funeral services Tuesday, Feb. 23, at p. from late residence, 912 Erangelineroad. Grand Rapids (Mich.) papers 1 please copy. BONSTEEL-Mrs.

Grace Le Van, wife of Dr. E. Ronsteel. 10508 Grant wood -aF, passed away Wednesday at 7 in Roewell. New Funeral Tueeday, 3.

p. from late dence. de Buffalo and Batavia papers please copy. CANFIELD W. formerly of Cleveland, died at his home, Wakeman, Friday afternoon, at 1:45 o'clock.

Funeral Monday from Wakeman Congregational church. 1 p. (central standard Lake Shore train leaving Cleveland 10:55 central standard time, Monday morning. Will stop at Wakeman, 0.3 Edwin Cheater. -Emma A.

widow of. the late Funeral from the late residence, 8323 Highview-av, Monday, Feb. 22, at 2 p. m. COOLEY--Frances Mary.

aged 8 years and months, passed away Friday' Feb. 19 at 7:50 p. m. Beloved daughter of Mr. and Mrs.

Thomas H. Cooley, at the residence of her grandmother, Mrs. John Lederer, 2150 TV. 98th-st. Funeral from late residence Monday, Feb.

at 2 p. In. Burial at Riverside cemetery. COLEMAN-Mrs. Amelia Kent, widow of the late James G.

Coleman, 1:30 a. Feb, 18. In her 70th year. Funeral from late residence, Franklin-rd. Chagrin Falls, 0., Monday, Feb.

22, at 2 p. m. DUNHAM- age 25 years 10 montha, beloved son of Mr. and Mra. E.

A. Dunham (nee Homer), at his residence, 1123 E. 7lat-st. Funeral services, Monday, Feb. 22,.

2 p. m. Friends DUNN-Lydia, beloved daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Dunn, passed into rest Feb.

19. at their resider.ce, 1508 Rockway-av, Lakewood. Burial from' late residence Monday, Feb. 22, 2 Friends invited at service, EDSON--Harriet 'Lemora. of Vermilion, Ohio, beloved sister nt Amanda L.

Meyera, passed away Wednesday afternoon, Feb. 17. at St. Augustine. Florida.

Funeral at Vermilion. Ohio. Notice later. a FULLER--Mrs. Olivia, age 75, Saturday at 5:30 a.

Funeral Monday, 2. eastern time, from home of son, J. W. Fuller, Wickliffe, Oblo. GRETHERS-Annie beloved wife of her John Grethere, 2863 Feb.

20 at 12:55 m. at Woodhill-rd. Six children survive. Funeral Monday, Feb. 22, at 2 p.

from her late residence. Friends Invited. Mary (nee Daley), beloved wife John. Harnett, at residence, 8125 Dorver-at. Funeral Tuesday.

Services at Holy Name church at 9 a. pl. HOLZWORTH-Henry aged 60. at reg1dence. 1976 W.

75th-at, beloved husband of Mrs. I'eh. 10. Carrie Holzworth (nee Miller), Friday, at 5 a. Funeral Monday morning at 10 o'clock.

Funeraltcor. Friends invited. Charles Howard, Nor died Saturday, Feb. 20, at May, widow of the late 7:25 a. In.

Funeral service from her late residence. 2002 W. 10 Tuesday, Feb, 23, 2 m. Liberty circle, 48, Ladies of G. A.

R. are invited to be present. KINNEY-Mrs. Jane, wife of the late William Kinney, formerly of W. 80th-st, present reelding with daughter, Mrs.

L. C. Treat, 10126 Hampden-av, Thursday 8:15 p. Funeral Monday at 9 a. St.

Thomas church. Please omit flowers. KLEINERT--Mary (nee Groeschel), beJoved wife of H. R. Kleinert, died Feb.

CLEVELAND, SUNDAY, HELP WANTED. MALE. GARDENER--AI around, experienced: mar ried man, German Catholic preferred, 35 to 45 years old; references. Pox Plain Dealer. GENERAL agent wanted for the city Cleveland; one having had experience In the male disinfectants preferred.

Standar Disinfectant Mfr. Rochester, N. Y. GRINDER-1st class on B. F.

K. W. E. SOur and Cheater a INTERNAL and external grinding Van Dorn Dutton, 2714 E. 19th.

JANTTOR for fat married man whose wife will help: licensed man, sober; good mechanic: one who can ront vacant suites; rive references and recommendations: state age and salary expected. Box 1117-E Plain JANITOR- Man: and tinderstand wite 'for apartment house; must steam heat. and Janitor work: ref. no other need, apply, Rox 125-11, Plain Dealer. LINOTYPE Keyboard Operator First-class.

SUPERIOR PRINTING Akron, 0. MACHINISTS al around high grade tool and dienkera: cialty machine men on production work and autonatic screw machine hands exporienced on Gridley, Brown Sharpe, Potter Johnson, National Acme. Cleveland, give full experience, names of former employer and all particulars in Orst letter. P. box 85, Detroit, Mich.

MACHINIST Wanted, toolmakers, Gisholt operators, semblers, bench and vise hands and intrument makers: only Aret-class men need apply. The Warner Swasey 5701 Car negle, LECTURER--Steady work to right party. Rox 1120-E, Plain Dealer. MACHINIST Thoroughly experienced on automoblle work: good wages; state whor* last employed. Box 225-E.

Plain Dealer. MACHINIST with $1,000 and services, estab. lished mfg. business: permanent future besides large profits; no fakers. Box 100-E, Plain Dealer, MATCHER and doublers for sheet mill, thoroughly experienced; highest state qualidcations.

Box: 721-H, I'lain Dealer. METAL pattern maker. Walworth Run Foundry 2488 W. 27th. METAL worker and fender maker, class; munt ha A1.

Commercial Auto' Body Mfg. 5345 St. Clair. MOVER, Arst-class; no booze fighter; good wages. 8007 Woodland.

Princ. 2340 K. MUSIC writer for comto song. Box 421-E, Plain Dealer. OFFICE boy in large mfg.

establishment office, not over 18 years, good size, good address; excellent chance for advancement; start at $0 per week; address promptly, Box 015-E. Plain Dealer. OFFICE Bright young mAN for large factory: state age and references. Box. 820-H.


BOX 720-E, PLAIN DEALER. OXY -ACETYLENE welders wanted: must be experienced: in' reply state experience, Enameled Fipe Engineering Elyria, Ohio. PAINT and enamel grinder and shader: must be experienced. Apply the Glidden Varnish Berea-rd and W. Madison.

PAINTERS to learn paperhanging. Apply between 9 and 3 111. Burkeve Paperhanging School, 1336 St. Clair N. E.

PAINTER to paint Ford car in exch. for exp. dental services. Inq. Dentiste, 304 Superior cor.

W. 3d-st. PAPER HANGER--First class. C. 11.

Schroeder, 9010 Wade Park-av. Good. tellable, to take charge; must be a hustler: state salBox 1008-H. Plain Dealer. PHARMACIST -Registered Polleh or Do-: hemian preferred.

Box 813-C, Plain PLASTERERS and cement workers to communfrate with us regarding work to he done in your Address Magnesite Products 424-5-6 Chamber of Commerce, Los Angeles, Cal. PLATEN preas feeder. experienced. flubbell Printing 648 REAL ESTATE SALESMEN Large development company of Pittaburg requires the serve ices of a few high-class salesmen fur suburbau properties and bungalow developments. Applicants must furnish unquestionable references from former employers and bo capable of earning at least $5,000 per year.

Straight commission. No salary or drawing accounts. FREEHOLD REAL ESTATE COMPANY, PITTSBURG, PA. REAL ESTATE SALESMAN Experienced and capable of taking of sales dept. of large; established concern in another city; please state experience, age, reference and salary expected.

also particulara An to present position, which will be treated confidentially, Address P. 0. Box 282, cinnati, 0. RECEIVING Clerk in wholesale must come highly recommended. State age, wages expected previous work.

Box 1006-HI, Plain Dealer. SALESMAN WANTED Ralesman, 'experienced, to take orders for Sherman's $10 suits on commission; we apecialize on men's multa and overcoats at one price, $10, no more. no less; good opportunity for men who are acquainted in small towns or who run a general store to make extra money by securing an agency for Sherman'a Clothes: only men who can give rood references need apply; give experience and references in detall, Address Sherman Stores Cleveland, Ohio. SALESMEN To sell real estate; $25 to $100 per week; none but hustlers need apply. Address today, box 1317-H, Plain Dealer.

SALESMAN--An aggressive, energetic man, one who can get the condence and respect of his customers, to sell a reputable Cleveland made line of soda fountain requisites and grocers' and bakers' specialties to retali trade; state experience, references and full particulars in application. Box 1307-E, Plain Dealer. SALESMEN- High clare specialty salog agents, Anancially responsible, able to manage and thoroughly cover exclusive territory for high grade office specialty: can earn from $3,000 to $5,000 per year. Address in confidence, box 1821-B. Plain Dealer, SALESMEN To sell real estate in our 12 subdiviniona; liberal remuneration: call and get our protosition.

Apply Mr. Black, 820 Garfield bidg. SALESMEN for fast selling specialty to hardware, groceries, garages and automobile supply houses; conumission basis. Fiddler, 3544 5. SALESMAN to sell goods from door to door, established route; only applicants het.

agre 25 and. 83 need apply, Box 121-15, Plain Dealer. SALESMAN to call on auto owners; exclusive or Ride. line; good pay to hustler, Apply Monday a. m.

Commercial bldg. SALESMEN- Sell new article to restaurants, rooma; quick seller; big profta. Write to Edward E. Brill, New York. SALESMAN W.

Singer J. or piano player to repWebb Mule Publishing 803 Walnut Philadelphia, Pa. SALESMAN wanted for high class inter. chanxeable letter wign; liberal proposition. 313 Superior-Av N.

E. SALESMAN -Printing: must be experienced man. W. SHIPPING man; must have experience auto rupply or hardware shipping. Address in own handwriting, giving age.

experience, reference salary desired. Box 917-E. Plain Dealer. SHIPPING clerk assistant with cloak house experience Fried- Keller- Kobo, 4220 Superior. FEBRUARY 21, 1915 HELP WANTED.

MALE. SIGN PAINTER. commercial. Apply Monday. W.

H. Meyer, 310 Prospert-av. Bell phone. SIGN PAINTERS First class: steady work. Simon Sign A 515 Superior-av.

SINGERS that are musicians, any Instr Inent. A. F. M. Call between 10 m.

and 2 p. 5900 Supertor N. E. 8. SOLICITORS.

make $15 weekly on our proposition; experience not necessary: mare ried men preferred. 419 Bangor bldr. SPECIALTY SALESMAN PROFIT a boolutely new proposition: household necesamall article, quick great opportunity for live wires; district rights will be granted between 5:80 and 1 p. m. on Tuenday' and Wednesday evening 816 Hippodrome Building.

Will grunt out of town terri. mall. STENOGRAPHER -For secretary to rallroad executive: one with experience in opPrating anu mechanical dopartmenta must be able to furnish best references to ability. and chararter: all rework- plies Rox 6-H, Plain Dealer, TIME KEEPER- STATE WAGES AND EXPERIENCE. BOX 1021-E, PLAIN DEALER.

TOBACCO salesman and advertiser, not over 25 years old; good education: give full detatis, Box 219-If, Plain Dealer. TRIMMER on auto Central Waron 3416 Central-Av. WATCHMAKER and Jeweler. must Arst-class references. Box S- D.

Plain Dealer. WINDOW TRIMMINGS New, evening class opens Feb. Barteh School of Window Trimming 411 The Taylor Arcade. Apply P. 1.

Rarteh, W'm. Taylor Son Co. WELL known real catate concern wants experienced builder to take charge of it bullding department: must be young, active and energetic: good opportunity; answers strictly confdential. 607-M, Plain Dealer. Box 434-H, Plain Dealer, LIVE WIRE SALESMAN WANTED -Responsible man with: rollable friends who rouch for him to overree and mana several 10 and fruit and truck farina near Tampa, the metropolis of South Florida.

In the most remarkable and delightful section of America; to riglit party we will give 5 to 20 Acres of land free for and assisting tia and we "mutually arrange expenses to Tampa and a fair monthly compensation while netIng as manager:" splendid opportunity. Carlson, 837 Marquette Chicago. A BUSINESS OPENING FOUR: REAL HALESMEN can secure 6t nor cent. of the capital stock of $25.000 local company; each must invest $1.500 and beunme directors and active members: capable of earning $100 per week: contracts now In hand should pay company $20,000 within AL year: in reply atate Anancial nhility and recommend an associate. Box 002-H, PlaIn Dealer.

WANTED- Young Inen 18 to 22 to join club now forming; primarily business club with social dentures added; several tative young men now members: we have the. co-operation of the purpose of this club 18 to ACT; not TALK: new teatures not now acted upon by aimilar clubs will be considered by uS. Join and make this THE young men's club of Cleveland. Call Main 440 or write Box 803-H, l'lain Dealer, EXAMINATION FOR -'A 1. PATROLMEN To be given MARCH 27.

1015. Class now forming. CAPT. THOS. G.

MADDEN, an Authority In police matters: wIll be the instructor OPEN DAY'AND EVENING, CAlL or write for: full particulare. Cleveland School, Amor. Trust bidg. TWO ENERGETIC RELIABLE YOUNG MEN with each: special outdoor work, connection with amusem*nt for all summer'a travel: established business; Journey: mpecial train: opportunity given right parties with references clear weekly; Immediate interview essential: no "Must havo small capital; to such A man I can givo a bona Aide prop. worth $10 per day: no time for dead ones.

Call Mr. Meneffe, Gillsy hotel. WANTED -Every tool maker and foreman to write and ask me how I showed the manA ger that I WAS worth $60. per. week and got It.

You can do the same. North End H. LEIMAN. Station, Detrolt. Mich.

WANTED -Cold header operators: have room for two more frat class men; good wages to the right call' or write any time Monday or Monday evening. Ed Garretty, 2007 W. lath, corner Abbey. MAN WITH TO COME OFFICE EXPERIENCE: ABLE FURNISH BOND VEST $300 TO $500 ESTABLISHED GROW. ING BUSINEAS: SALARY.

Box 410-E. PLAIN DEALER. PROMINENT and old real estate office wishes the service of good man to state sell experience. manufacturing Box and 1323-11, r. r.

Plain property; Dealer. A BOYS to CArY a morning paper routes; call today, 7408 Sir. Zurbock, EXCEPTIONAL OPPORTUNITY for man who has Industrial life. Insurance salary and commission. National Life Insurance 1037 Schofeld bldg.

BIG MONEY in the if mail you get order, started right: get our it's free. Specialty Supply lux 20-P. Mansfeld, 0, "VOCATIONAL ANALYSIS for parents, employers, teachora, students: postal brings particulars. Institute, Box 423-31. Plain Dealer.

A WIND instrument player would like to ment an amateur piano player, for hone practico and Amusem*nt: references exchanged. Box 509-E, Plain Dealer. EIGHT-ROOM house, garden spot, privilege of raining chickens, for exchange of elderly gentleman's board: within 25 mire. walk of car, Inquire 1832 -a LADIES' tallor, of good who can cut, At and Anish ladies' coats: mate salary expected. Anderson.

202-203 Schmulbach Wheeling. W. Va. YOUNG married man, asslatant to salesman, steady, Job, outside work: rive age, state business mivo present position. Address Box DA.

Station A. MAN for mail order (medical businena: look after correspondence and drug trade; big opportunity: must invest small amount. Box 724-A, Plain Dealer. YOUNG man who can qualify as salesman: road and city work: real opportunity for right man: state age, full particulars, Box 512-H, Plain Dealer. STM CASH and other prizes for new particulars free, Movie; Magazine.

Van Nuys Los Angeles, Cal. Three. months' trial subscription 10c. PIRAT-CLASS, experienced grinder hand on tool mm grinding work: give full particulars when repuying in Arst lotter. P.

0. Box 504, Columbus, Ohio. A MAN In large establishment to act our representative: be can make good money; article universally bought: reference. Box 519-H. Plala Dealer.

YOUNG man order clerk on drug must have experience in wholesale drug business. Standard Drug Boltrar and E. 9th. I WANT 2 men March 1, to roll real estate In E. must give reference: listing and prospects.

Box 1118-E, Plain Dealer. BOY for wholesale store and office work, 17 or 18: wakes Apply in own. hand. writing: references, Box 524-1, Plain Dealer. 16 or over, downtown wholesale house: chance for richt boy: Saturday halt.

holiday year round. Box 418-H. Plain Dealer MAN with two or more sone to work farm on Public barer; 100 acres; twenty Plain miles Dealer. w. of THOROUGH experienced retail clothing raleaman; one able to amure management: Apply box 000-E.

Plain- Dealer, WANTED- Man to tend bar and, make himself useful; referentca required. Box Plain Dealer. WE require two young Catholic men, singlo, work reitrious; excellent opportunity, 512 Superior bldg. FIRST CLASS man to sell automobile tires for rood Arm. Box 110-H, Plaid Dealer.

HELP WANTED. MALE. Shorthand in 30 Days Stenographers 'who 'ran read their notes rapidly ani accurately are. in great demand. Business today on the alert.

never 1a the Business men are. tired of stenographers who hate in reading their noten, They want rapid, accurate work that up to the reached other lines. TIE BOYD 30-DAY SHORTHAND 1x the ON Symlem that can to read as the WHY Boyd Stenugraphers are easily ant as naturally That's promoted over the: heads of othere with more experience: ('all and: let us demonstrate EFFICIENCY System to you, Day And evening seasiona. BOYD SCHOOL COLUMBIA OPP. MAY CO.

Lettering and Design Card or Sign Writing are with oppordinity. and will pay you salary or establish you in the NASA world with, a Increasing Income, 1 will train you to became hn efficient card or writer. letter artiat or demigner In the printing Melds. The work is Interesting and the lessons practical and eon investigate now: and or call for Booklet: No.r 10: and full info 2 THE ROSING SCHOOL LETTERING AND DESIGN, The 1900 Euclid and F. 19th-at, Phone Prospect 2843 J.

Cleveland, Ohio. WANTED Men qualided to homestead land: apecial act of congress the tural land 11 the U. 8. foreat reserve of Arkansas can now be homesteaded in tracta not to exoned 100 to enott person, free: 1,000,000 Acres free pasture range avail. able where cattley: and sheep fatten eight months In year without no over Now lands; country.

very healthy and well watered with running streams: RAleet these lands, take applicant to land and locate you; mend 250 for state map showing location ut reserve. and copy of sper cial act to A. V. ALEXANDER Locating Engineers, Little Ark. TWELVE I starter mail order business at home in spare time with few dollars capital: I wanted to make 180 or $10 a month, evenings; the not prosta the Aret year averaged 1200 week: ire years' work netted me 1 will shew you how to start mail order business: sond today for my proposition: it's interesting: no vasslur.

Heaco*ck, box 185, Lockport. N. Y. Traffic Course (lomo Study) Mich. EARN WHILE YOU LEARN See us about our $1 a week plan, Test prepared by practical experts of tionn! reputation: thorough mupervision and de Tuite resulte assured: no fold of endeavor ham greater opportunities and we have Gloveland men as proof: pave 40 per cent.

now. 1120 bide. EVERY AUTO OWNER BUYS devico 20 per gasoline, carhon depoalt, wear and repair: increases power W. Mitchel, 18 E. 4th-pt, and mileago: liberal commisaion to good meD make $4.

good one experience: $15 un daily. T. full pay: no lay-offs, short hours: common salosmen with auto poor education unnerresary; thousands 1015 appointmenta: write Immatainable, $15 to $150 month: vacations with THOUSANDS a government life Jobs now obdiately for free list of obtainable. Franklin Inatitute, Dept. 312 Is, N.

Y. WOULD $150 monthly Interest you? tr NO your county. for that remarkable Anti- Thiet Combination Automobile Switch. Lock: thirt proof: 10 then competition; you should easily warn this. for contract.

Anti- Thief Lock Dept. 181, Indianapolis. AUTO BUSINESS Taught by praction! experience and ual Inatruction. H. Pratt.

Mech. principal. Call or write to 2840 Euclid-av. CLEVELAND AUTO SCHOOL WANTED Men to learn the barber trade: tow works complete: tonia given; wages Raturday: Iplomn granted; positions waitdon't delay; barbers make day, Call' or write, Moler Barber Collage, 101 Prospect-av LEARN candy makingt men, women every. where, $50 to $100 werk easily made manufacturing randy, cream, popcorn tine: we furnish everything and teach you ard Multi- Copy box 821, Chicago, TIF PRESIDENT'S chief advisers are the.

business; frite today. Huntington plea: make $10 to $25 previous erSchool of Candy Making. Iuntington, W. Va. WANTED, Immediately, persona to write and copy letters At home from our parience unnerossary: dressed envelope brings particulars, Standmen; we show you how to be.

come one: $8 to $25 weekly made at home while learning: mend stamp for particularNO Prema Syndicate; Warder Washington, C. STUDY by mail: modern merchandising, course which In worth $1,000 Year to every. progressive young man or womnn: completa sample lemmon only 200 with full particulars. National Business Instructor, 4032 Michigan AV, Chicago, Ill. SONO poeins wanted for publication: pant experience unneceasary: our proposition postively uncounled: pend na your song poems or melodies today or write for Instructive bonklet-it's free, Dept.

175. D. C. WANTED- -MEN WHO WISH STEADY PO. SITIONA AND GOOD WAGES after graduating, to learn the "MILLER METHOD" ot barbering: and tools riven: call or write.

MILLER BARBER COLLEGE, 112 Prospect-Av N. W. GOVERNMENT. postoffice. departmental clerk, bookkeeper and other civil service examinati soon: get prepared by former wovernment.

examiner: booklet 11-20 free; write Patterson Civil Service School. Rochester. N. Y. MONEY proposition Co-operate with me prunt sharing mail.

order business: will place trial ndvertisem*nt, furnish printed matter. goods to All orders and divide the Dealt 107, Hazen A. Horton, Tekonahn, Mich. I NEED branch managers tor. my worldwide mall order buatness; operate from your own horne In spare time: no canvassing or pedding: experience should makA weekly, Butler, 300.

Factories, Toledo, 0. ANYWHERE, handy men can make big money with our gold window letters; heat on carth. Stann Sign System, Detrolt, OHIO AUTO ACHOOL, 2091 Euclid. AUTO Instruction book, driving, exAm, questiona, 10c; postpaid. Thomas Pub.

803-T, Glenmore-av, Brooklyn, N. Y. MEN to learn the automobile quainess. W. R.

Krotza, principal; day and night classes. 218 8. Champion-st, Youngstown, 0. BE A detective, fine prospecta, big pay. intreating.

Wentover oldest school. Write Supt. Ladwig. AR! Kanasa City. Mo.

CLEVELAND government clerk exams April 1: $70 common education ample queations free. Box 825-B, Plain Dealer GOVERNMENT clerka $70 Cleveland April 1: sample queations free. Franklin Dept. Rocheater. N.

Y. HUSTLERS- to $30 made weekly tributing circulars, tacking Adv. Nat'l Agency, Dept. E-2, Chirago. WILL you In the mail order hurtneas, furnish everything, If you will handle my goods.

Cros' Atlantic City, J. NELSON'S self -teaching piano course. will teach you ragtime in 2 weeks or money refunded; $2.50 complete. 8217 Bellevue-av. GOVERNMENT Are easy to get; my free booklet Y-117 tells how.

Write today--NOW, Earl Hopkins, Washington, D. GO on the stare; salaries' 825 to week; I will train you for vaud-ville, muor dramatic. Hoffman, 942 Prospect. THOUSANDS govertiment jobs open to men and women: $65 to $150 write for list. Frankiin 309B, Rochester, N.

MEN to learn barber trade at amall tools furnished. free. or write, H. Rosannky, 2400 Ontario-st, downstairs. SILVERING mirrors.

plating tableware, auto-brass bonklet plans free. Clarence Sprinkle, Dept. 11, Ind. BE detectives, earn $150 to $300 per month; travel over the world. Write Fidelity Socret Service, Wheeling, W.

Va. RAZOR blades sharpened. single 2c, Gillette Duplex 3c, Star 15c. Cleveland Edging 709 F. Superior-av.

MOTION picture operating taught evenings; actual operation of 4560 machine: positions pay well. 'Call Garfield J. BOXING Instructor with gymnastic "goods" to teach 50 club members in hai. J. M.

Gardner, 1003 Branch-av. CORRESPONDENCE courses and text books bought. sold; cut rates. C. A.

Bubb, Detroit, Mich. MEN- the agea of 18 and 30, for crack pulitary company, Box 918-K, Plain Dealer. 3 0014 3.5 LOCAL WANT AD RATES In Greater Cleveland and Cuyahoga, Lorain, Summit. Lake, Medina, Portage and Geauga counties. Micimum charge under any cation 2 lines.


or more connective insertions fine daily and Sunday or more consecative insertions line dally and Sunday. FOR RENT AND WANTED ROOMS AND ROOM AND BOARD (LESS THAN 3 ROOMS) Daily Sunday Per Line Per Line Insertion 100. 130, or mora consecutive insertions: 11c or more con PERSONAL, MEDICAL AND EMPLOTInsertions 100 IN MENT, AGENCIES: DAILY 30c A LINE, SUNDAY 35c A'LIB. ALL OTHER CLASSIFICATIONS: Daily Sunday (Per Line Per Line 1 Insertion 15c 200 or more consecutire. Insertions 180 180 or more consecutive Ineertiona 110 100 OUTSIDE OF GLEVELAND with the exception of the seven counties above mentioned.

all 15c DAILY, 20c SUNDAY PER LINE. Copy' for the Bunday Plain Dealer should be received as early 48 possible and not later than Friday night if reprementation in all editions la desired. CUTS OR DISPLAY TYPE. On all advertisem*nts where display headInes, cuts or display type la used the space occupied will be measured and charged at the rate of 15 cents per agate line dally and 20 centa per agate line Sundar. The Plain Dealer will not ba responsible for more than the Arst incorrect insertion of any advertisem*nt.

All orders to discontinue advertisem*nts must be in writing or made at office, The Plain Dealer will not be responsible for telephone cancellations. Want advertisem*nts for the Morning Plain Dealer will be accepted until 9 p. m. daily for classification la all editions of the following day's paper. Want advertisem*nts for the Sunday Plats Dealer will be accepted as follows: FIRST EDITION-12 M.

AND. P. M. SATURDAY. 12 o'clock noon Saturday for copy more than larger one than 12 column wide or containing type DO point.

2 P. M. Saturday for single column copy containing no type over 12 point. SECOND EDITION-6 P. M.

SATURDAY. Classified want advertising of any sort or style of display accepted for this edition: THIRD P.M. SATURDAY Classided want advertising of any sort or style of display accepted for this edition. Copy for cuts will be accepted up to 7 P. M.

Friday for clasaification in the Arst Sunday edition and until 6 P. M. Saturday for classication in. all other editions. LODGE NOTICES.

Members of Pythian Star lodge, No. 526, K. of are requested to attend funeral of Brother F. C. Darr from his late residence, 1517 80th-pl, Monday morning at 10 o'clock.


Jas. A. Ross, K. of R. and S.

Oak The Lodge officers No. and 77, members Knights of Pythias, are hereby notifled to De present at their Castle hall, Monday, Feb, 22. at 12:30 p. to attend the funeral of our late brother, Ernst Thienier, D. I.


of R. and 8. Knights and Ladies of Security, Cuyahoga council, 633. and member are requested to atend the funeral of Brother George Gerstacker, Monday. Feb.

22, at 2:80 p. at late residence, 7016 Lawnav. Burial at Monroe-st cemetery. GEORGE GERSTACKER. Pres.

SARAH GILBERT, Secretary. Notice to members of Fitzgerald court, No, 956, C. 'O. With deep regrets I announce the death of our brother, Vincent O'Shea. Funeral announcement later.

All members will meet Monday night at his late residence, 1533 E. to pay their last respects. H. F. Corrigan, secretary, Scottish Clans members of the Ladies' auxiliary to Clan Grant, No.

17, S. are requested to attend the funeral of Sister Annie Scott, 7201 bellenbaugh-av, Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock: 31. MOODIE, President: C. M. ROSS, Secretary.

Spacious and finely equipped lodge room for rent; has running water, ante rooms, store room and piano; ladies' societies exceptionally. Well taken care of. Apply at hall, 1762 W. 25th or phone West 889 W. Ask for J.

J. Cox. School Custodians: You are requested to meet at the corner of Harvard and E. 71stst. Munday, 'at 2 p.

to attend the funeral of our late brother, Frank Rasico. IRVING GRESSLE, President. porty Friday, Court Robin Hood 250. 12 will hold a card CARD OF THANKS. our many relatives and friends and neighWe wish to express our aincere: thanks to bors for their kindness, sympathy and beautiful floral offerings, also the Cleveland Frog Crossing the members of the Women's Rollet Corps Nos.

15, 44, 128, also Cleveland City Post 403. the singers and organist of Broadway M. church, and the Rev. Mr. Pearce for his kind.

and consoling words in the 108s of: dearly beloved mother. EMMA M. GODWIN. DORA L. BRUSH, LAURA R.

METZEL, GEORGE H. KING, HER CHILDREN. wish to express my sincere thanks to. my relatives, friends and neighbors, also the Lakewood No. 601, F.

A. and Rev. Heyl for their kindness and sympathy and beautiful floral offerings given in the hour of my sad bereavement in the 1088 of my beloved husband. MRS. J.

C. GATJE. We wish to extend our sincere thanks to our relatives. friends and neighbors, to Rev. Houser and Rev.

Hoffman for their words of consolation and W. J. Holley quartet for their services 'rendered in the lose of: our dear mother HANNAH, JEFFE W. AND MATTIE HAMMERSELEY. I desire to extend my thanks to the many relatives, neighbors and friends for the beautiful dowers and sympathy shown me in my recent bereavement in the logs of my beloved wife.

EDWARD M. STUMP. FLORISTS. FLOWERS for all occasions. Livingston.

1657 Crawford-rd. Doan 2380; Prin. 1620 R. FLOWERS for funerals, weddings or parties. I.

Dunford, 9851 Lorain. C. 6746 K. FLOWERS for funerals at moderate prices. Bramley Son, 1181 E.

Tlat. LOST AND FOUND. LOST -Friday evening, black muff in touring car carrying lady and gentleman from Hotel Statler to E. 66th and Euclid: will Ander please leave at Statler check room In name of Mr. Johnson? white LOST--Monday breast, evening, brindle bull terrier, small white spot on back of neck, answers to name "Bud:" ears not cut; stub tall.

REWARD. Garfield 1202. PARTY ant on who E. found diamond and pearl pond: 70th, bet. Payne and Linwood.

early Friday eve. is known; reward. Call Princ. 2886 W. LOST bet.

Garfield bldg. and Kinney-Levan. cont. money and necklace; reward. Call Harvard 245 M.

LOST--Fox terrier, brown head, brown spot on tall; answers to name of Dixie; liberal reward. 2355 E. 93d-st. 1.08T-Gold vanity case, between E. 6th and E.

19th ou Euciid, Saturday: liberal reward. Marlo 1020 3L LOST- -Since Tuesday, a re brindle Boston bull; ears not cropped: reward. 1024 E. 75th. Rosewood 8405 J.

LOST- Watch fob, Friday, bearing Initials -F. R. reward. Frank Love, mynicipal court. LOST -From 2083 E.

BAth-st. black and brown Persian cat, pet; reward. Rosedale 1099 W. LOST -Slik bag, at or near Grays armory Monday Feb. 15: reward.

Call Gar. 1262 LOST--Lady's huntingrcase gold watch; reward; no questions asked. Rosedale 052 R. LOST- -Child's gold locket and chain. within past ten days.

Reward. 2663 E. 65th. LOST--A sold locket of watch fob; initials J. E.

8. Call Central 6869 reward. LOST, strayed or atolen-Fellow and white collie, female; reward. 4007 Bumb-av. INDEX OF CLASSIFICATIONS, AUCTIONS AUTOMOBILES BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES, BUSINESS PERSONALS 10 EXCHANGE REAL ESTATE.


representative for Cleveland. If you are now successful selling direct advertising, and are able to finance yourself on a straight commission basis, an established advertising agency can offer you an unusually attractive opportunity. Write fully, stating present sales volume and positions you have held. Address Box 1122-HI, Plain Dealer. ADVERTISING SALESMAN WANTED Funds advanced for traveling expenses; exclusive territory; biggest and best line advertiaing signs and novelties on market: ambition to succeed more essential than expertence; state age: no one under 27 years need apply; give business experience; recent satisfactory references must be furnished with application.

Stanford-Crowell Ithaca Sign Works, Ithaca, N. Y. AGENTS- 3 or men to sell our line of household specialties, such as silverware, lace curtains, rugs, clocks, blankets, on easy payment plan; liberal commission paid weekly; city references. C. F.

Adams 405 Prospect-av. AMATEUR vaudeville acts wanted. Ralph Staniforth Vaud. Booking 510 SchoMeld bldg. AUTOMOBILE rubber salesmen wanted: men who are visiting automobile trade to sell Inner tubes and repair materials; good commisaion: proposition to parties who can qual1fy regarding ability and reference.

Address The Superior Tire Akron, 0, BALL players 'desiring to play a professional ball, with stamp, Nat'l Baseball Reg. Bureau, Desk 12, Indianapolis, Ind. BARBER WANTED. 10423 UNION- -AV. -class men.

Trebing A 1002 Center-av. CANDY salesman: experienced; Al references, I. 1. Sands, wholesale confectioner, 6910 Codar-av. CANVASSERS A quick wife a good house- big article: every buyer: profits; now 19 the time.

718 Permanent bldg. CANVASSERS, crew managers. city and travel, for Installment proposition; paid daily. Room 613, 1900 Euclid. CARPENTERS Union near men Garneld stay away from Overlook-rd cemetery.

By order of Carpenters' District council. Walter J. Mapes, secretary. CARPENTERS--Apply Sunday morning on, before 9:10, at Beckinan. CARRIAGE painters on wagon work.

7033 Broadway-av. CHANNEL Lon wire workers. 1292 W. 4tb. CHAUFFEUR and maid--Married couple: must be good driver, understand care of grounds: not afraid to work; state wages.

Box 101-H, Plain Dealer. CHEF-A1. BOX 914-A, PLAIN DEALER. CHIPPERS-Two, experienced, hand and air hammer men; none but need apply. The Foundries Orryllle, 0.

CITY salesman to take charge of men in Cleveland and vicinity for absolutely new automobile accessory that eells on sight; excellent proposition to right man: address, in confidence, Box 722-E, Plain Dealer. CITY Four, to call on city merchants; salary $100 per month; must in-, vest $100; $25 down, balance $25 per month. 907 American Trust bldg. CLOTHING SALESMAN TO MANAGE A $10 SPECIALTY CLOTHES STORE; MUST BE THOROUGHLY EXPERIENCED AND HAVE GOOD REFERENCES; GOOD OPPORTUNITY FOR RIGHT MAN; STATE AGE, REFERENCE AND EXPERIENCE. ALL COMMUNICATIONS STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.

BOX 8-A, PLAIN DEALER. CLOTHING and furnishing goods salesmen, thoroughly can secure positions at The May Co. Apply superintendent's office, Monday, before 9 a. m. COATMAKER-First-class, for Inside work.

3082 Lorain-av. CONDUCTORS or motormen as salesmen for new article used by traction men: salesman experience not absolutely necearary: permanent position and guaranteed salary of $90 per month; give age and qualifications. Box 201-H, Plain Dealer. COOPER-Expertenced. English speaking.

Call Monday a. m. for Mr. Fritz, Forest City Paint Varnish 3834 Lakeside-av. DRAFTSMEN wanted; two firstclass designers for engineering department; steady work.

Write details of experience to Frank Swan, 404 Harrison-st, Fiint, Mich. DRAFTSMEN -Experienced. Cleveland cineering Agency, 1004 Rose bids. DRUG clerk, with two years' experience: atate in frat letter reference, salary and experience. Address Ohly's' Drug Store, Oberlin, Oblo, DRY GOODS clerk; must he experienced.

J. H. Miller, 12201 St. Clair. DRUMMER for amateur orchestra: East End preferred: please call Eddy 2476 ERRAND hoy, 16 yeare: come well recommended; steady position.


GARDENER and caretaker for gentleman' place in country; married man; must have experience with stock, grading, spraying, tiling. Arst-class references required. Address. stating age, experience, previous employer, size of family, wage expected, box 509-B, Plain Dealer. I HELP WANTED.

MALE. WANTED- -The capital of. men between the of 21 and 48 Atted to du the following positional One expert One Four export electrician. Jewelers' helpers in clock work, Two expert wood cabinet workers. One expert intertor wood painter.

One expert' mechanic. skilled to mid and nickel plating. Four salesmen. Ona resistant coll winder. Ona ahtoning olerk.

It Four clock assemblera, you want an active interest in some mood profit-sharing manufacturing business the opportunity In yours. We offer you square. deal and will prove it such. Duly those who bare capital to Invest. need apply, In answering kindly poyou are capable of Alling.

capital you able to invest, with 3 references AN to ability and reaponalbility. All. answer considered in' order received. All satiataotarry applicants notined to call at our ('leveland office for perconal interview. Address box 1220-11, Plain Dealer, FIRST-CLASS business proposition offered to rood thinking people; would you consider it a good inveatment to buy Arat-class business or rest.

dente property to the amount of $1.000 or up on terms which the purchaser shall pay leas than 5 per cent. per annum for 10 conrecutive years and at: the expiration of which clear deed will cranted to pure chaser? have similar proposition, backed by a million dollar concern, seven di ructors; who are bank one of boards rest of New York. Also approved by: the stringent laws or Ohio, Correspondence solicited without any obitration. on your part. Inquire P.

0, Box 144. WANTED madnato analytical chemist, who la experienced in analysing alloy bearing metala, and olla, Dox 210-A. Plain WANTED Mechanio young man for temromary work In testing la boratory; rive full particulars And Hor Plain Dealer. 7. DEPENDABLE detectives.

Why worry? We will get the information. Call Main, 6268 or Central 1257; nights and Sundays, Marlo 338 J. Swan's Secret Serice. STRONG young man to learn auto repairing: must have had exp. Rose.

2045, BIGHT, Neat appearing young man to learn wallpaper business. 8442 W. 25th. TWO experienced real estate mon wanted at once. 830-838 Engineera bids.

WORK for. yourself: auto tire repair plant for $40, 1254 E. Oth-at, AMERICAN AUTO SCHOOL 1011 E. 10TH -AT, Auto driving and repairing taught quickly and thoroughly: pricem low; day or. evening alaanes.

GOVERNMENT positions- Thousands of appointments to be made: free booklet telling where they are, what they pay, with spectmen examination questiona, Natl. Cor, Anatitute, 421 Tth at, Washington, D. C. SECRET service -San Francisco, PArIno coast; trav, and foreign service; if reliable and interested In becoming an export Investigator, add. with confdential personal partio.


0th-at, 3d Floor, WANTED- At once, young men for automobile big pay: wAt mako you pert In ten works by mall; pay UN after we necure you position. Century Automobile Institute, Los Angeles, Cal. LARG10 knitting mill inviteR correspondence from men of earning money, part. or full time; experience unnenessary. International Knitting Corporation, West Philadelphia, PA, LEARN barber trade-Tri-City Barber Cotlego; tuition $20; tools riven, warre paid: electrio and hydraulio chairs; ratalogs free; atriotly modern.

411 Prospeat N. Cleveland, 0. MEN wanted In all localities: weekly and permanent position showing sample; sTorery mail order hotixe; outfit free; highast references. Box 805, Port Huron, Mich. $100 WEEKLY- Guaranteed, money-back orders proposition; molla to business men; repoat come unsolicited: samples and proct free.

Co-operativa 6, Omaha, Nab. IF you are out of work write for our latest proposition; we want men in your sortion who can earn $4 A day, The Mutual cintion, 2224 W. Chicago-av, Chicago, 111, $1.0 PICR 100 upward paid tacking alans. dimtributing booklets, samples, send for price list pald secure territory. Chan.

Shepard Agency, Lebanon, N. INTELLIGENT. person may earn to' $20 weekly during apare time at home, writing for Send for particulars. PILESS SYNDICATE, 582, Washington, D. C.

GOVERNMENT Instruction, A returned Thor. if not appointed; particulars American Civil Servine School, Washington, D. C. ITAVE you Rig New York conworn neede you; perseveranre montm than; money. Write Dept, 12, Roman La Modra, 24 E.

21at-at, New York. WRITE moving playa: big inoney earned at home in! spare time: experience unnecesfull C. H. Worrell 114 Cemetery-av. Cambridre, Md.

WE will start you In the cleaning and dyeine business: little capital needed; bir profta; write for booklet. Ben-Vonde tem, Dept. 202, Charlotte, N. C. YOUNG man, you CAn earn $20 per week after Instruction in designing and cutting men's garmenta: experience not neccesary.

308 New England bide: 13 travel A all detective; over the cAm world. $50: to Write $100: weekly: 63, United Staton Datective Adjusting Agency, Hallway Exchange, At. Loula. ALCARN paperhanging and be ready for the spring rush; job and tonis Call between And 8. Buckeye Paperbanging School, 1830 St.

Clair N. E. AN INTELLIGENT person may earn $100 monthly corresponding for newspapers; canvassing: for particulars. Press Syndicate, 828, Lockport, N. Y.

I EARN $25 weekly at home silvering mirrors: will start you; 25. years experience: book, diving plan of operation, O'Neill, 400 5th-av, Brooklyn, N. I. $80 MONTHLY and expenses, travel. diatrib.

ute samples. take orders, appoint. agents: permanent. Jap-American Ogden and Taylor, Chicago. I WILL pay honest men up to $50 monthly spare time: home work; no PAN no capital; mail order business.

Voorkles, desk 140. Omaha, Nch. $8,00 YEARLY In your back yard: start with only amazing full particulars free, Mark Walter, box 213, Kalamazoo, Mich. WANTED -Names and addresses by mall order houses: big pay: home work; mation for Direct Appeal Plymouth, Ind. $2.500 ANNUALLY with me eyeninga at home: everything furnished; don't worry about capital.

Boyd H. Brown, Omaha, Neb. WE, pay $36 a week and expenses to men with. rigs to introduce poultry compound; year's contract, Imperial Mrg. Dept.

78, Parsons, Ks, 1 WILL start you earning $4 daily in time at home, silvering mirrors: no capital: free booklet tolls how. Corey, desk 0, Omaha, MEN. women, weakly collecting ell kinds names and addresses: no CANVASS ins: send stamp. Superba X121, Haltimore, Md. MEN--We pay your expenses to the Pacific and rive you work; 10c telle it all.

Dureau, 413-N. Henne Low Angeles, California. WRITE moving picture playa; $30 each; all or spare time; no course: details free. Atlas Pub. M-55, Cincinnati, O.

OUR coupon malesmen average $20 week: want you. Northland Studio, 2047 E. 9th-st. FIREMEN. brakemen; mod wages; exp.

state Box 624-V. Plain Dealer. HELP WANTED. MALE. YOUNG tical exp.

men, learn University auto' garage, driving. 2758 Proupect. MEN to make money selling post cards. Factory, 708 F. Superior av.

EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES. POSITIONS OPEN For Call or consideration of competent applicant up-to-date write for for information concerning our. plan securing poaltions. office open. Monday evenings, ecutive ACCOUNTANT.

$125 familiar with mo. ACCOUNTANTS, two, between age of 30 to 40 with ability to audit and tomatize: $1,800 to $2,100 year. CORRESPONDENT. collections: $100 mo. CORRESPONDENT.

sales promotion; CORRESPONDENT, heavy machinery, $00 men CORRESPONDENTS. sales young with college training. $45 mo. start. CLERK, accurate penman, cashier's $45 mo.

DRAFTSMAN, mechanical 115 to $100 mo. JUNIOR STENO. AND CLERK. CLERK. $25 to $35 mo.

to mgr. of mix. $05 STENO. sales INTERSTATE EXCILANGE 513-14 Citizens Bidg. Established 1906.

OFFICE HELP ACCOUNTANT. $125; SALES CORRES SPONDENT, mig. $1253 young married man, northeastern Ohin, STENOG. STOCK RECORD CLERK. JR.

CLERK, some high school, $40. No -advance THE BLUIM-INGALLS CO. 001-2 New England bldr. omon open Monday evening Other 3:30,: SALESMEN. WANTED- Salesmen to sell restaurants, TArmers and all big by the largest grocery house In the world selling the consumer direct; the most complete and, -perfect stork of cools, most liberal compensation, best and promptest service to agent and consumer, permanent control of your territory, absolate guaranted with all orders and many more advantage impossible "for amt other house to enlist with the bix house.

John Sexton Co. Importers, Manufacturers art: Wholesale Grocers, Lake and Franklin-sta Chicago, Ill SALESMEN -TWO HUSTLERS FOR HOUSE TO. HOUSE CANVASS ON SPECIALTY: NO COMPETI: TION: LIBERAL COMMISSION: EXPERIENCE AND REFERENCE REQUIRED; NO BOOK AGENTS. BOX 719-E, PLAIN DEALER. SALESMEN Experienced alpak and suit salesmen for Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and Kentucky, Hans, Strauss manufacturers of 33 West 34th New York.

AGENTS sell concentrated' liquor for making whiskies, liquors and cordials nt home: something now at last: saves over: one tante. makes A customer for life? strictly Ingtrimate: no license required: big demand: wells fast: coine you money; send postal today for money making calling plans, U'niversal Import Con Dept 13, Cincinnati A- THOROUGHLY experienced. specialty salesman to call on country store trade: munt he willing do some driving: sales hacked by strong publicity campaign; era! commission boats with drawing count to malamnien of proven selling ability. Address with full particulars regarding yourmelt. Kink Remedy Rochester, to $250 monthly; we pay every Thursday: no samples, no selling or collecting: paid weekly; write.

Sentinel Printing Co. must be over 25 years of age; only expertenced producers commissions retary, 833 Schwind Dayton, A 0. WANTED Six inen for March 1st to rebresent us in northern cities and towns: $150 determination to work; much full Instructions furnished that la assured: write and secure splendid income. L. V.

Hrowne, SALESMEN- is rapidly improving ANd calendar and specialty are making big money; higgent January ever known: want anveral more salesmen: established Indianapolia, 'Ind t5 WE WANT A live salesman who la acquainted with and now calling on hardware. house furnishing and department store trade: comniosion basis: In answering atate tarritory covered and full particulars, reference, full time or side line. Duncan 2012 Grand-av, Chicago, SALESMEN Wanted Specialty or advertise ing specialty experienced preferrel; reputable responsible houan; guaranteed: astaba Dished line; one hundred salemuen now emi ployed; salesmen of ability, energy and integrity: apply for particulars, stating road experience, SHEDD WRIGHT MEG. CO. Minneapolis, Minn.

unnecessary, PRAY work, big pay; write for large list of openings. offering to earn $100 to $500 month while you learn. Addresa nearest of Ace, Dept. 102, National Salesmen's TrainIna Association, Chicago, New Kansan City, Ban Franciaco. BALESMAN-Now calling on banks, corpora ations.

real estate Arms and lawyers, to handle high grade line of red rope Aline. mailing and advertising wallets; aide line only; liberal commission; state territory you cover and experience. Keystone Envelope Co.r Philadalphia, Pa. CALENDAR Malramen for Cleveland and vicinity to soli our copyrighted and exclusive de lux calendars and advertising specialties; we are large: manufacturers and eatabliahed; references regulred. John Haumgarth 013-021 W.

Van Buren-st, Chicago WANTED- live wire. salesman: full time or side line, to mell our well known line of temperance drinks in the small country towns; permanent position; elon: $35 workly drawing Red Cross 200 8. Main-at. At. Loule, Dept: 2.

SALESMEN. Competition killed; electrio. Mashing sign: over 38 different diRplay arrangements possible with 210 three. and letter combinations in colors: 30-Inch model, $10: sample to producers. Multiform, 346 Manhattan Chicago.

CALENDAR, salesmen: tinported banners; cut and pocketa; good domestic new division of pront hose: no restrictions of. territory: line ready; wonderful opportunity. Advertiring Importing W. 17th-st. Now York city.

SALES managers and salesmen for latest once efficiency machine: sells $25: liberal proposition and exclusive territory; state. whether able tor' Ananco carrying ALock for free trials. Postamper New York Lite Chicago. COUNTY manager for a new model patented household article selling for $8.50: hair profit; $8 to $12 a day; Ire Job: sella over. and over again to the name poopie; samples, loaned, Sales Manager.

122 Sycamore-st, Milwaukee, Win. A NO. I specialty or cigar salesman, interrated in basehall, who positively can close contracts Aret interview and earn big money on commission: national proposition: highly endorsed, Record, 2456 Jackson Chlcago. EXPERIENCED, capable salesman to travel for old eatabllahed hottse with line that sells to practically all classes of high commissions. with weekly- advance to right man.

D. W. Detroit, Mich. WANTED -An onergetic salesman for cach county in Ohio; an absolute necessity for merchants; nothing like. It on the market; can easily earn $40 week or more.

For particolars box Washington C. SALESMEN wanted who can sell the facturing trade in Cleveland and on che road; must invest do not answer unless have the abinty and the money, Box 111-H. P'lain Dealer. WANTED- SIde line salesman calling on 44. the rotall grocery and hardware trade for -very prontable.

seasonable, specialty: commission: pocket samples. Ingram Mich. CANVASSERS -High grade: none: othera: need apply: attractive proposition; no The Donley Bros. Chamber of Commerce. 'See Mr.

Walker. BIDE LINE Valkenburgh -made $31 first morning: free sample; electric sign flashes changeable wording; sells $10; terms 30 days. Flashtric Sign Chicago. SALESMANAGER, $25 to so weekly, selling grocery, drug and trade; staple article: repeats; exclusiye territory. Cleanzit 505 N.

2d-st, St. Louis. SPECIALTY to business concerns; several thousand prospects here: little competition; commission. For interview address box 1215-HI, Plain Dealer. WANTED--Nice appearing salesmen can sell the manufacturing trade in Cleveland: Ane- opportunity, for the right Box 22-H, Plain Dealer.

WALL PAPER- -Practical and an. allaround, man, not afraid of work: give perience. salary "expected. Address Box 507-H, Plain Dealer. EXCELLENT opportunity for specialty: salesman: extensive territory: road work; state age, ref.

Box 24-H, Plain Dealer. EXPERIENCED typewriter supply salesman. to represent us in your elty. New Way Ink Sheet' 443 S. Dearborn, Chicago.

ALL elec, light users buy, high class, no competition; investigate. 12.0 Prospect.

The Plain Dealer from Cleveland, Ohio (2024)


What happened to the Cleveland Plain Dealer? ›

On December 18, 2005, The Plain Dealer ceased publication of its weekly Sunday Magazine, which had been published since 1919. Its demise was attributed to rising expenses and the poor economy.

Where is The Plain Dealer in Cleveland? ›

The Plain Dealer Production and Distribution Center 4800 Tiedeman Road Brooklyn, Ohio 44144 (216) 999-5000 or (800) 362-0727 Hours: 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Does The Plain Dealer still deliver? ›

Expect delivery of your newspaper by 6:00 a.m. on Wednesdays and Fridays, by 7 a.m. on Saturdays and by 8:30 a.m. on Sundays.

Is the Cleveland Plain Dealer still in print? ›

Plain Dealer Publishing Co. provides content and publishes in print seven days a week.

How much is a Sunday Plain Dealer? ›

The huge majority of people who read The Plain Dealer do so by subscribing, but people who buy the paper on newsstands will see higher prices starting Monday: $5 on Sundays and $3 the rest of the week. It's part of our continuing effort to sustain local journalism for the long term.

Who bought The Plain Dealer building? ›

“We believe that this move will enhance operations, improve collaboration and efficiency among agencies and departments, and provide better access and services to the public.” The former Plain Dealer building is owned by Industrial Commercial Properties (ICP) LLC of Solon.

What is the history of the Cleveland Plain dealer? ›

The Cleveland Plain Dealer was founded as a weekly newspaper on January 7, 1842 by Joseph Gray. By 1845 it had transitioned to an evening daily. Joseph Gray died in 1862, and his paper was controlled by a series of editors until Liberty Holden purchased the paper in 1885.

Does Cleveland still have the flats? ›

The Flats have come back to life thanks to a multi-million-dollar makeover to both its east and west banks. This waterfront neighborhood now features restaurants, bars, shops and a boardwalk with complementary green space.

Can I read The Plain Dealer online? ›

A: When you purchase a subscription package through the Plain Dealer Publishing Co. circulation department, you have access to The Plain Dealer e-edition via any of The Plain Dealer apps and via the desktop browser version using the same username and password on up to three devices.

How do I contact The Plain Dealer? ›

If your newspaper is late, please call our delivery hotline at (216) 999-6000 . You can also email us at If you have a question about your account, call us at (216) 999-6000 or log in online.

How do I cancel Cleveland Plain dealer? ›

Read through the article by using the scroll bar on the right side of the page or by using your mouse to scroll. How do I cancel my subscription? You can cancel your subscription to The Plain Dealer at any time. Please email or call 216-999-6000.

What does The Plain Dealer mean? ›

Someone who interacts or does business straightforwardly and honestly. [from 16th c.] Wiktionary.

Is The Plain Dealer building empty? ›

The building has largely sat vacant since the Plain Dealer sold it for $12.4 million in 2022. Brad Harmon, president and publisher for The Plain Dealer and called the planned use of the building “a perfect fit.”

Is the same as The Plain Dealer? ›

Though separate, content from the Plain Dealer and its writers became part of's content. The Plain Dealer started seeing financial problems in the early 2000s, so it reduced $20 million in costs from 2001-2003, by trimming utility, nonessential travel, and hardcopy production expenses.

What are the old department stores in Cleveland Ohio? ›

Many popular downtown department stores lined Euclid Avenue and the south side of Public Square in the early to mid-1900s: Higbee's, May Company, William Taylor Son & Company (later Taylor's Department Store), Sterling-Lindner-Davis, and Halle's.

Why is East Cleveland abandoned? ›

The subprime mortgage crisis of the late-2000s devastated East Cleveland, leading to hundreds of abandoned homes and apartment buildings. More than 7,000 people fled East Cleveland in the late-2000s, causing its population data to fall off a cliff, from 27,217 residents in 2000 to 17,780 in 2010.

When did the Cleveland Press go out of business? ›

Citing the depressed economy and consequent losses in advertising, however, Cole announced the paper's closing on 17 June 1982, and the final edition appeared that afternoon. The former Press plant was demolished to make room for the North Point office complex. View image at Cleveland Memory.

What happened to the flats in Cleveland? ›

In the 1980s and 1990s, as manufacturing slowly dissipated throughout the United States, the Flats transformed itself into an entertainment destination.

What happened to 90.3 Cleveland? ›

Under the terms of a new arrangement announced in September, WCPN-FM 90.3 will combine with WKSU-FM 89.7 to form a large newsroom broadcasting on both 89.7 and 104.9, a class A radio station. That leaves WCLV to 90.3, a class B station, which spans 22 counties, including the East Side.

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