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1. baltimore county public schools sems

  • BALTIMORE COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS SEMS. District Username. Password. Submit Forgot Password? OR, SIGN IN WITH. Microsoft. > Terms of Use | Privacy | Full Site.

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2. LogOn | SmartFind Express | PowerSchool

  • Welcome to Baltimore County Public Schools' SmartFindExpress (SFE)!. You can access SFE by calling (410) 427-3031. ... QuickTime is needed to view videos.

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3. LogOn | SmartFind Express - PowerSchool

  • Welcome to SmartFindExpress (SFE) for Burke County Public Schools! The SFE phone number is (828) 414-2745. System Administrator: Tammy Huffman 828-439-4322 ...

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4. Enterprise Solutions - Baltimore County Public Schools

5. [PDF] SMART FIND EXPRESS - Broward Schools

  • Open browser (Google Chrome only) and access the SmartFindExpress Sign In page. Enter your Access ID and PIN. PIN REMINDER. The “Trouble Signing In” link ...

6. Human Resources - Baltimore County Public Schools

  • Job Descriptions · Benefits and Retirement · Recruitment and Staffing · Certification

  • Current Employees

7. eSchool Solutions - Facebook

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  • See posts, photos and more on Facebook.

8. K-12 Education Solutions & Online Training

  • Helping 5000+ K-12 districts create safer, smarter schools through award-winning training, software, and professional development solutions. Learn More.

  • Helping 5,000+ K-12 districts create safer, smarter schools through award-winning training, software, and professional development solutions. Learn More.

9. Online Learning Program - Baltimore County Public Schools

  • Contact Us · About Us · Welcome to eLearning · Grading and Reporting

  • 615 Frederick Road, Catonsville, MD 21228 | Phone 443.809.7515 | Fax 443.809.8635

10. [PDF] SmartFindExpress (SFE) Cheat Sheet New Teachers/Instructional Assistants

  • 1. In order to create an absence and request a substitute in SmartFindExpress (SFE) – the FCPS substitute scheduling system – you must first register by calling ...

11. Facilities Solutions - Baltimore County Public Schools

  • Engage. Empower. Excel. Languages. School Calendar · BCPS Newsroom.

  • The Office of Facilities Solutions provides efficient and effective coordination of non-routine projects and services that involve multiple offices within the Department of Facilities Management and Strategic Planning. This office also manages initiatives related to facility information systems. Routine work requests and concerns continue to be handled through established processes. The Office of Facilities Solutions should be contacted for assistance with facilities concerns that have not been resolved through the current processes and procedures in place.

12. Broward County Public Schools / Homepage

  • Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) is the sixth-largest school district in the nation and the second-largest in the state of Florida.

  • Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) is the sixth-largest school district in the nation and the second-largest in the state of Florida.

13. eSchool Solutions | Interactive Advantage Corporation

  • Challenge eSchool Solutions required a streamlined solution for K-12 teachers to create online interactive resources for students. Solution We provided a ...

  • Challenge eSchool Solutions required a streamlined solution for K-12 teachers to create online interactive resources for students.  Solution We provided a tailored design and development process with an easy-to-use template set. Results This enabled teachers to rapidly and with no training design and develop interactive courseware for their students.

14. Patrick Wahl – The Season Of Myths - Exceptional Delaware

  • While these aren't the solutions we need to make our schools safer, it is a big start. ... STAT-us BCPS · Teachezwell Blog · The Education Activist · WagTheDog ...

  • Posts about Patrick Wahl written by Kevin Ohlandt

15. Frequently Asked Questions - Baltimore County Public Schools

  • Visit the careers section. What jobs are currently available in BCPS? Visit our Employment Opportunities page. What is the salary scale for BCPS teachers?

  • To inquire about positions within the system and to obtain an application, please contact Staffing at 443-809-4191 or visit their website. You may also download applications and view current openings.

Eschool Solutions Bcps (2024)


How to set up Smartfind Express? ›

  2. SmartFind Express: Automated phone system: 1.877.403.6647.
  3. Call the automated phone system Enter your access ID (last 7 of your phone number ex. your phone number is 260.555. ...
  4. You are now registered!
  5. Please keep in mind your PIN and password are separate.

How do I cancel an absence on Smartfind Express? ›

To cancel the absence, click the Cancel Job button. The system will notify the substitute of the cancelled job by placing a telephone call to the substitute. If the assigned substitute does not need to be notified of the cancellation, uncheck the “Notify the substitute of a cancellation?” option.

How do I contact Baltimore County Public Schools payroll? ›

Who Do I Contact RegardingOffice Information
Tax or Direct Deposit FormsOffice of Payroll 443-809-4240
Leave Information (Hours)Office of Payroll 443-809-4240
Tech Support Needs (BCPS credential issues, Schoology/Focus log-in issues, etc.)Help Desk 443-809-4672
23 more rows

Who is the HR director of Baltimore County Public Schools? ›

Mr. Homer L. McCall II is the Chief Human Resources Officer of Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS).

How does SmartFind Express work? ›

When you become eligible for a job, you will receive an IVR (Interactive voice response) call on your callback number from your school district. With text message job offers, you can opt to receive these job offers via text message notifications on your mobile number.

What is my access ID for SmartFind Express? ›

To gain access to the system, you must enter your Access ID, Password and then click on "Submit". Your "Access ID" is your EIS/File Number, without leading zeroes.

How do I find my Smartfind PIN? ›

The “Trouble Signing In” link supports users who want to log into the system, but have forgotten their PIN. When this link is selected, the system displays the PIN Reminder Request page. The user's Access ID and the security code being displayed must be entered on this page.

How do I contact SmartFind Express? ›

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: SMARTFIND Phone Number 910-500-1379.

Is there a SmartFind Express app? ›

SmartFind Express is a mobile application designed by PowerSchool Group LLC for substitutes.

How many employees does Baltimore County Public Schools have? ›

These students are served by more than 21,000 employees, including 9,565 teachers, making BCPS one of the largest employers in the region. For the 2022-2023 school year, BCPS will operate 176 schools, centers, and programs.

How to become a substitute teacher in Baltimore County? ›

How can I become a substitute teacher for Baltimore County Public Schools? Complete the Substitute Teacher Application online at Select "Substitute Teacher" from the list of positions for which you can apply at the top of the application.

How do I contact Baltimore County Public Schools? ›

District Name: Baltimore County Public Schools schools for this districtNCES District ID: 2400120State District ID: MD-03
Mailing Address: 6901 Charles Street Towson, MD 21204Physical Address: 6901 Charles Street Towson, MD 21204Phone: (443)809-4554
Type: Regular local school districtStatus: OpenTotal Schools: 178
4 more rows

Who is the CEO of the Baltimore School District? ›

'I wanted longer': Baltimore City Public Schools CEO Sonja Santelises gets 1-year contract extension.

Who is the head of the Baltimore public schools? ›

Meet CEO Sonja Brookins Santelises.

Who is the head of Maryland schools? ›

Wright, Ed. D., was appointed State Superintendent of Schools by the Maryland State Board of Education in April 2024. A native Marylander, she previously served as State Superintendent of Education in Mississippi.

How do I register for Smart Find Express lausd? ›

Register with the system by calling: (877) 528-7378.

How do I log into SmartFind Express TDSB? ›

Type in the address line of your web browser then click on the underlined Smart Find Express link on the left side of the page. From here, you can access your SFE profile and any jobs that are available.

How do I reset my SmartFind Express password? ›

Once logged in please validate your email on your profile in case you forget your password in the future. If you forget your password, please use the forgot password link on the login page to send a reset link to the email in your profile.

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