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While Roblox has many kid-friendly games, it also has many games targeted towards an older audience. These games are called condo games and focus on creating adult experiences that include violence and sexual themes. If you are an adult looking to enjoy Roblox but can’t seem to find a game that doesn’t target a younger audience — you have come to the right place as we will go over the top 10 best condo games for Roblox.

The Best Condo Games on Roblox

In no particular order, this article will go over currently the best Condo games in Roblox. Remember that most of these are for those 18 years of age and over.

Survive The Killer

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Like Dead by Daylight, Survive the Killer focuses on players trying to avoid a killer hunting them. It seems like a simple premise, but this Roblox game is incredibly violent that has some of the goriest animations you will find on the platform. Adults should try this game if they want a scary and disturbing horror experience.

Dance Club

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Dance Club is a mature Roblox game that focuses on enjoying the night out in a club filled with adult content. Players can engage in sexual-like encounters with other NPCs and Roblox players in the dance club, clearly making it targeted toward an older audience. No kids should try playing this game whatsoever due to its themes.

Shower Simulator

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Another game that promotes sexual encounters is Shower Simulator. In this Roblox Condo game, players can take showers with other players, and a lot can happen during these showers instead of just getting clean. That is pretty much all there is to it, and although it doesn’t sound fun, it is meant for adults looking for some sexual tension.

Obby Games

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Obby Games is a Roblox condo game that focuses on a series of mini-games that players must complete to move on to the following location. These mini-games are spooky and can be considered too much for children. There are disturbing toys, creatures, and comments about themes that are too inappropriate for children. It is definitely a must-play, though, if you are over 18, as it is a good time.

Haunted Hunters

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Haunted Hunters is a cooperative Roblox condo game that has the player’s running away from a ghost. This ghost is out to murder you, and once it catches you — the spirit will do terrible things. The ghost will disturbingly steal the player’s soul, making it an excellent game for adults who love horror but inappropriate for younger players.

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Club Iris

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Club Iris is the worst game for children because the community constantly swears and has mature intentions. These intentions are usually sexual while having no limitation on what can be said, as the rules are a free-for-all. This is the one for you if you are an adult looking for a game filled with other adults.

Fashion Famous

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This game focuses on the player tackling a task by dressing up and going down a runway. During the customization process, the game allows players to alter their Roblox character’s appearance through physical features such as nose, hair, and inappropriate body parts. For this reason alone — children should avoid it, but adults can find some fun here.

Bloxburg: Welcome to Bloxburg

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Bloxburg isn’t the worst game for children, but adults will understand the experience more, considering it focuses on employment and the real world. As you work in the city of Bloxburg, you will discover the dangers of particular jobs, such as construction and being a police officer. Also, some players in this community can misbehave and talk about sexual content — making adults enjoy the overall experience more than kids.

Rainbow Friends

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Kids are known to play Rainbow Friends, and although it isn’t terrible for them, it targets adults more due to its scary content. I would compare Rainbow Friends to Five Nights at Freddy’s as there are stalker toys out to kill the player, and each stalker has spooky characteristics.

Roblox High School

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The central premise of Roblox High School is to skip class and become the worst student possible. That fact alone makes it too much for children as it promotes bad habits — but it is perfect for adults considering it can be a lot of fun. Also, players can throw parties, promoting the idea of being a lousy student and instead a party animal.

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10 Best Roblox Condo Games | Attack of the Fanboy (2024)
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