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2011 Soccer Camp Application

(Please Print and Mail)



City/Town __________________________ State________ Zip ________

Phone_____________________ Cellular______________________

D.O.B.________________ Age _________ Male_______ Female________

Position _____________________________________________________

School___________________________ Grade Entering_______________

Emergency Phone _____________________________________________


Dates Attending:

Week of:_____________________________________________________

Shirt Size: YL_____AS_____AM_____AL_____AXL_____

Each child must show a photo copy of current insurance coverage.

Insurance Company____________________________________________

Policy #_____________________________________________________

Family Doctor ________________________________________________

Medical Authorization:

In case of emergency, I grant permission for my child to be given emergency treatment at a local hospital. I certify that my child is in good health and may participate in all soccer activities.

Rhode Island Stingrays, Stingrays Soccer Camps, Mario Pereira (individually) Sherwood Ultra Sports, and any all other organization or individuals associated with or working in partnership with the Rhode Island Stingrays are not responsible for accidens resulting in medical, dental or other expenses. Participants are fully responsible for any and all property damage.


Parent/Guardian Signature:________________________ Date:________


Make Checks Payable To:  Rhode Island Stingrays
501 Waterman Avenue, East Providence, RI 02914
Tel: (401) 289-2240
Stingrays Soccer • 501 Waterman Ave. • East Providence, RI • 401-289-2240